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A profound love for mankind and a motivated spirit to help others is part of our philosophy. Integrating philanthropy initiatives into our handcrafted itineraries is one of our favourite things to plan and talk about.

Changing the lives of local people, respecting their culture, creating economic benefits for local and indigenous communities, minimizing impacts on the environment, actively taking part in wildlife conservation are just a few examples of the activities we include in our tours, but feel free to suggest your own ideas.

All of our programs will have a space to reflect and give back to the community, to those in need. Remember is all about the experience, and what can be greater than the satisfaction feeling of helping, donating, planting trees. Feel the connection with the community we are visiting. Therefore, this is an integral part of our Incentive Programs.

We will donate the equivalent to 2% of the total cost of the trip to a charity of your choice. And this donation will be made in your behalf (either corporate or individual). You can choose from one of the organizations we usually help, or one of your own.

A personal visit to see how the donation is going to be used is strongly recommended. As well as to spend some time in that community, school, conservation area, etc, to interact and learn more about those we are helping.

This will be an inspiring and life changing moment. We always plan to include a philanthropy initiative in each of our itineraries, but it is your dream vacation and we understand if you choose not to participate in this visit. You are being part of this initiative and you are already “making a difference”.

This is our way to make your travel experience more memorable and meaningful.

Let’s create long lasting memories as a united group.

“Let’s make a difference”


means etymologically, the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human.