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Redefining the Incentive Travel industry one memory at a time.

Specialization and expertise

We do not pretend to be the experts in all specialized travel areas. Our focus is doing one thing, but doing it with excellence. We are the experts when it comes to small groups and private luxury travel because we dedicate 100 percent of our time and energy to look for new and trendy destinations, find the best accommodation and partner with the best and like-minded local companies.

The right size matters

Because most of the Incentive travel companies target larger groups they have no choice but to accommodate their guests in high-rise, mega hotels with hundreds of rooms and no sense of intimacy. Our selected hotels have no more than 100 guest rooms which allow our guests to live and enjoy every single moment without feeling rushed.

Taylor-made private Incentive Trips

We plan and design incentive trips for corporate companies, association groups, private clubs, family and friends with a strong personal touch and always focused on our client’s expectations. Every tour is private and handcrafted to your dreams. We do not combine groups or persons to cut cost. We want you to spend time and enjoy your dream vacation with those who matter the most. No matter if it is just a couple in a romantic trip, or a family of six or your board of directors, you will never share a transfer, tourist guide, tours or meals with no one else but your group.

Unique and thought provoking itineraries

Every single tour and itinerary is designed and created with unique aspects and elements in mind. Our journey will have: a truthful meaning, a fun side, a learning experience and the opportunity to give back and help local communities and programs.

Excellent Customer Service and attention to details

Our actions will speak louder than words.

Building relationships

We only promise what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise. We do not intend to welcome you aboard for a one-time tour, but for the entire journey, we want you to think about us every single time you dream about travelling, we want you to talk about us whenever this topic is raised, we would love the opportunity to know you better in order to serve you better, and every time have everything sealed with a hand shake.

How it works



It all starts with a dream. This is where we learn a little bit about you and your goals, preferences and ideas. What would you like to accomplish? Reward yourself, spend some quality time with family and friends, incentivize your team, appreciate your customers. The more we know the better we can handcraft an incentive trip, either personal or business, to fit your needs. Let’s get together, let’s connect.



This is where the magic starts. We turn your dreams into reality. Our expert team of travel experts will innovate, transform and create a portfolio of incentive possibilities and present it for your consideration. We can always redesign, combine, add, remove until you are happy with your itinerary. Remember, It is all about you!



Once we have agreed on the incentive, we would like to tell the people that matter; your staff and colleagues, family and friends. We can design you a website, create a teaser video, send incentive related gifts, roll out a social media campaign. Anything we can do to create a buzz around.



And it is time to go. Everything is ready, your family, friends, employees, or customers are excited to depart. Relax, collect memories, enjoy and know that everything is all taken care of. You are in expert hands every step of the way.



As we keep saying, we love to create long-lasting relationships. We would like to invite you to stay by our side, to continue creating memorable experience for those you care about the most: family, friends, employees, customers. We will nurture and take care of our friendship.