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Europe is the most visited continent in the world. It does not matter if you are in a business or incentive trip, a family and friend’s vacation, a romantic getaway, in Europe you can find it all. From their history that dates back to the period known as classical antiquity to the present days, from the arts and culture to amazing and diverse food and wine, from vibrant cities to a tranquil island paradise, Europe has it all. And even though we have incredible travel destinations, your bucket list will not be complete until you visit, at least, one of these fantastic countries.

When we dream of our trip to Europe we always think about Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany; and we get it. These are great destinations, with a lot of history and thousands of different attractions for the discerning traveler. But, as we keep loyal to our vision of making a difference, we would like to introduce you to a different and equally rewarding way of experiencing the old continent.

It is our intention to update this list every year to bring you the very best Europe has to offer.

Please note, that if you are interested in visiting any European destination, we are still your best choice.
“Because it is not in our list, doesn’t mean we don’t do it”
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Our European destinations for 2018