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Project Description

Consistently rated one of the world’s best

Within 17-acres of magnificent manicured grounds, accommodation is available within just 25 suites. All nestling along the banks of the magnificent Waikato River, upstream from the mighty Huka Falls.

On the banks of the Waikato River, located just upstream from the mighty Huka Falls, Huka Lodge is a place of unrivalled beauty. It enjoys a gentle climate, a leisurely pace and a spectacular landscape of snow-capped volcanic mountain peaks, wild tussock, lush wilderness and clear blue lakes and streams. Founded in the 1920s, Huka Lodge has become one of New Zealand’s most iconic retreats, with extraordinary hospitality. Guests can enjoy an array of unique packages offering exceptional experiences for couples, families and friends, seeking a truly memorable time together.

And if this does not convince you, I invite you to check their guest list, mortal people like you and me who chose this amazing property, just like you and me. You might recognize one or two…