Bora Bora

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Chances are that if you were asked to draw your idea of a Pacific island, you might come up with a picture that looks pretty much like Bora Bora—soaring rain-forest covered peaks, a classic lagoon of blues and greens, and a ring of coral reef and tiny islets with lovely beaches and coconut trees. The island itself can be explored in a few hours; there are sweeping beaches in the south and ancient Polynesian temples hidden in the jungle. It’s populated by 8,880 Polynesians who love to show visitors their treasured lagoon and its marine inhabitants. They also love to entertain visitors with music and dance.

The island’s name means “firstborn” in the Tahitian language and, as people will not get tire of telling you, should be spelled Pora Pora since there is no B in Tahitian. These days few would dream of changing the popular name of a place that is already recognized globally as the ultimate South Pacific paradise.

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