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Incentivo by Travelbest is a private company with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality and travel industry. We are in the business of motivation and innovation. Our innovative and unforgettable travel experiences will motivate yourself, your employees, your customers and your inner circle to strive in life, to become that better person. Our experience would be tough to imitate or replicate by the individual.

Incentivo means incentive in Spanish, and we all know what incentive means for every aspect of our life. Yes, we are redefining the incentive travel concept by combining both the corporate and the personal side of the equation. Our focus is to create life changing experiences that will help us all grow as human beings, that will help us become a better employee, an inspirational leader, a caring person, a good spouse, a patient parent.


(exceptional accommodation, insider access like no other, inspiring food, fine local wines, and more than 20 years of experience)

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We are a boutique travel company specializing in small groups and private travels.

And we mean it when we say the word “specialize”. We focus our attention and energy in this niche. We are in it to be the number one choice when it comes to small group incentive travel. Keep in mind that our concept of “Incentive” starts with yourself. So, if a private incentive group, an intimate trip with family and friends, or a romantic tour with your better half is in your dreams, we can make it happen.

And this is possible to achieve with our two Incentive Divisions:

Small Groups and Private Collection.


Our Small Groups Division was launched for companies that would like to reward their best employees and customers. With numbers ranging from 8 to 20, it allows a company to benefit by creating an intimate environment and the opportunity to connect with each other well, the opportunity to stay and visit places and to access areas often restricted to larger groups, the possibility to immerse yourself in the destination and to explore, relax and unwind at your own pace. And best of all, your group will always be your group as we never put more than one group together. All this will later translate into exceptional working environment and collaboration.


Our Incentivo Private Collection: “Reward yourself”. Enjoy the journey with the special people in your life. Travel in style with your private local guide and driver, stay in boutique hotels, private villas, haciendas, castles. An extraordinary collection of luxury travel designed just for you. Where would your compass take you?

Private-jet-travelOur staff have two things in common: A passion for travelling and the expertise and experience that comes after years of working in the hospitality and travel industry. By travelling the world, we have been able to experience firsthand what makes each of these destinations unique, we have stablished strategic alliances with the best boutique travel companies in each country to guarantee a 24/7 support for our guests. This is the key to our success.